Projected Cost

Team Fees $0 – 500 (Can vary by season/event)

Cost varies per program. This fee may cover league/tournament fees, field permit fees, coaching fees and team equipment fees (Balls, lacrosse nets, training devices and etc.

US Lacrosse Membership (Annual) – $25

Players are required to become a member of US Lacrosse, the national governing body of the sport, which provides liability insurance, a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine and catastrophic health insurance.

Boys Gear:

All Boys need the following gear to play lacrosse: Helmet, Mouth Guard, Shoulder pads, Lacrosse Stick, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Cleats. Athletic Cup is optional but recommended. Rib guards are optional.
The average cost for a set of gear ranges from $200 – $400.

Girls Gear:

All Girls need the following gear to play lacrosse: Helmet OR Goggles, Mouth Guard, Gloves, Cleats & Lacrosse Stick. The average cost of a set a gear ranges from $100-$200(cleats not included).

Goalie Gear:

All Goalies need the following gear to play: Helmet, Throat Guard, Mouth Guard, Goalie Chest Pad, Goalie Gloves, and Cleats. Shin guards are optional. Please wear sweats over shin guards.

Lacrosse Sticks:

Lacrosse sticks are the MOST important thing you will buy. A good and balanced lacrosse stick will make it easier to catch and throw when using proper technique.

We recommend the Stringking and Epoch complete youth lacrosse sticks for newbies. Junior versions are offered for younger players/players with smaller hands. Mesh sticks recommended for Boys and Girls!

If you need assistance, please contact us and we can help you pick the best lacrosse gear for your child.