Our Mission & Values

The mission of the Irvine Ranger Lacrosse Club is to promote the great game of lacrosse to boys and girls of Irvine in kindergarten through 12th grade. We are committed to teaching sportsmanship, the power of teamwork and to helping each child develop to their fullest as a lacrosse player. We hope our youth can develop into great lacrosse players and leave our organization with fond memories of a program that was the foundation and the inspiration of their continued future playing lacrosse.

The Irvine Ranger Lacrosse Club aims to develop, promote and facilitate a positive, safe, fun, developmental and competitive lacrosse experience. Players will be taught the importance of TEAM lacrosse and sportsmanship. Players will be able to improve their knowledge of the game as well as lacrosse skills and athleticism. Our program will enable and build age-appropriate lacrosse skills and game knowledge. Every participant, regardless of initial skill level, will have the opportunity to learn the game, develop individual and teamwork skills, and prepare for the high school level of lacrosse.

Our coaches will take pride in offering a POSITIVE and FUN lacrosse experience. They will be teachers of the game as well as teachers of character and sportsmanship.

Irvine Ranger Lacrosse Club is designed to provide a strong feeder program to all local Irvine High Schools and Elite Orange County Private Schools Boys and Girls lacrosse teams and is actively supported and advised by the High School coaches and players. Our program will allow players to flourish within a familiar system as they approach and enter into the high school lacrosse program. Players will gain knowledge and skills that will prepare them to join and contribute to the High School lacrosse programs.

We expect our players to make practices, be ready to start on time and commit fully throughout the entire practice. We expect our players to lead the league in sportsmanlike behavior. We will bench players for unsportsmanlike behavior and will not tolerate disrespectful behavior towards coaches, teammates, competitors, parents or officials. We expect our players to become well-conditioned athletes during the season. Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two legs and requires endurance. We will run regularly in practice as part of our commitment to physical conditioning.

We expect our parents to lead by example and demonstrate great sportsmanship towards our opponents, referees, and fans. We expect parents to support their children to arrive to practices and games on time, fully dressed, with all the right equipment in all the right places. We hope that our parents will support Irvine Ranger Lacrosse as volunteers, team parents, and assistant coaches.

We expect our coaches to facilitate a healthy learning environment for their team and to focus on improving the progress the team makes regarding effort and team work in addition to the outcome of a game or record. Our coaches will instill a positive attitude in all players will conduct themselves and their team in a manner that represents our program, town and sport well. We expect our coaches to attend coaching clinics and attain certifications to enable them to help our players even more.