Lessons & Private Training

The tiered pricing is designed to incentivize chemistry and teamwork. You can come alone, but if you bring a friend or a team mate you save money. When a peer of your skill level is present, you can get a lot out of having both a teacher and another student present to get more reps. Having a one on one session with a coach just means more specialize attention to the pupil, with fewer reps, as to not overwork someone.

All coaches are available for private lessons and small group training. Below is the pricing:

Individual lessons are $50 an hour.

Group rates:

(2-4 players) are $30 an hour.
(5-8 players) are $20 an hour.
(9-10 players) is $15 an hour.

If you want to schedule private clinics or have speed lacrosse as a fun activity for you child’s birthday, please contact us so we can help you get the services you need.